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Is using a picture of Vice, one of the suicide girls off of suicidegirls.com. Suicidegirls.com is a very popular website for people who enjoy “alternative” sexual lifestyles and like to look at hot bad ass chicks =). Well Vice is one of those hot bad ass chicks and actually one of the top models for suicidegirls.com. She has a huge fan base and following.  x-Sif-x has her age as 16 but obviously Vice is not 16 or else she couldn’t be a suicide girl. Suicide girls have to be 18+. Vice is 26 years old. I did not find any profiles online (besides her profile on suicidegirls at least) that I am sure belong to her.

Here are more pics of the beautiful flame-haired Vice.

Saw/Seen them anywhere else on Teenspot? Report em.

And here is Vice’s page on suicidegirls.com:


Lol, most “scene” or “emo” girls I’ve seen on TS have been fake and I don’t know why that is. I thought the scene thing died years ago. Anyways, Yo_its_deja’s profile is private but it was easy and quick to find where she got her main pic from.


The girl in this Teenspotter’s main pic is Jenny Cvetoshenko, formally known as Jenny Jawbreaker. Keep in mind that there was another commonly faked girl who went by the name Jenny Jawbreaker. If you Google the name, both girls will come up. Anyways, the pic that “Deja” is using is extremely old and I found out that the REAL Jenny posted it on her Myspace in January of 2008. She doesn’t even look the same anymore as she is older and has changed her look. It’s always an obvious indicator to me that someone is fake when they use old ass pictures of the person they’re faking… idiots lol.

How I know yo_its_deja is fake:

1) Her name is Deja. That is not the name of the girl in her pic, the real girl’s name is Jenny.

2) She has her age as 16 when the real Jenny’s Myspace says she’s 20. She obviously hasn’t used that Myspace in a while but even if you don’t use your Myspace, your age updates every year so it is current.

3) She has her location as being in the US. The real Jenny is from the UK.

4) She’s using an old ass pic.

Here are some pics of Jenny Cvetoshenko, past to present.

Here are the real Jenny’s profiles that I found online. I know the Myspace is real because she has real life friends on there. She put her Facebook link on her Myspace and that’s how I know THAT’s real. I also found her Model Mayhem page.




UPDATE: Karebear69 is proving how fake she is. Since I posted about her she has made her TS page private and has removed all of the pics that I got off of her page and posted onto my blog. I know this because every single pic I got from her TS page and posted on here disappeared because the link is now broken, meaning she’s deleted the pics lolll. I’m sure she’s added more fake ones. It’s okay I found the pics again on the Tumblr pages she got them from and they are back up on my blog =) haha!


AREEE YOUUU KIDDING MEEE?! Lmfao this chick is using pictures of soooo many girls it’s just ridiculous… and pathetic. Not only is she pathetic but the guys all over her because of her pics are even more pathetic. Oh my god.. okay so it looks like this chick got most of her pictures off of Tumblr. As you guys know, Tumblr is a fake’s HEAVEN. Millions of pictures of beautiful girls are posted every day. Looks like KareBear69 completely took advantage of that because I found ALL of her pics on various Tumblr pages. Now the chick has like 20 pics so I’m definitely not going to post them all. I will, however, post enough to solidify my proof that this girl is as fake as they come.

I will be posting the pictures in KareBear’s TS album,  where she got the picture as well as who the real girl in the pic is and any pages that they have online.


KareBear got the pic from here http://tanbitchez.tumblr.com/post/12866069072/take-care-errrybody

The girl in the pic is Parisa Milano and this is her Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/parrwaslike


Karebear got this pic from here http://dmco.tumblr.com/post/14061816893

The girl in this pic is Meg  Casley and here is her Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000298392751&sk=wall


This pic is from here http://andrewgeorgiades.tumblr.com/post/13233680090

The GUY in this pic is Andrew Georgiades and his Twitter is http://twitter.com/A_Georgiades


The girl in this pic is Natalie Hirst (right) and her friend Hannah (left)

KareBear got the pic from here http://keepitrollinbby.tumblr.com/post/7070808593/han-and-me-3

Here is Natalie’s Twitter http://twitter.com/natalieeh14


This pic is from here http://staywithmef0rever.tumblr.com/post/11430510254/me

The girl in the pic is Isobel Hannagan and her Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1320527620


The girl in this pic is Ines Anoz (Google her). She is a model from Madrid, Spain and the ex girlfriend of Spanish soccer player, Alvaro Morata .

Now I could go on and on finding the real identities of the rest of the girls in KareBear69’s TS album but I believe my point has been proven. These girls really think that stealing pics of a bunch of girls with a few similar physical traits is going to keep them from being exposed but sorry, no. Lonely horny teenage guys may fall for it but anyone with their head on straight will notice that something is up.



Ksuarez86 is using pictures of about 5 or 6 different girls. I was only able to identify one but that was enough for me to conclude that she is fake.

The girl in the picture above is someone named Christina Borelli. She is not famous or commonly faked but she is pretty so it wasn’t hard to find her online. I found her on some site called legacy.barstoolsports.com where her pictures were submitted by someone to name her “Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day”. Well she got it, and here are the pics that were submitted http://legacy.barstoolsports.com/article/barstool_local_smokeshow_day_tina/2822/. So already ksuarez is fake because 1) the girl in that pic’s name is Christina Borelli, her last name is not Suarez and 2) She is from Massachusetts, not the UK.

Here are more pics of Christina Borelli

I found a few pages of hers on the net:


As for the other girls on Ksuarez’s Teenspot, I don’t know who they are but I did find other pages on the net with their pictures. Nothing telling WHO they are though. I don’t see how people can look at Ksuarez’s pics and not realize that those are not the same girl though. Here.. I’ll make it easier for them.


^^^^ Yeah, those aren’t the same chick buddy boys. Let’s try another one.


Once again, noooot the same chick. Ksuarez was kinda smart to include only brunettes which would make it a little harder to conclude that they aren’t the same girl but I look at more than that. Facial structure, lip shape, chin shape, bust size. Little things like that make it easier to determine if a girl is using pictures of more than one person.


This girl is using pictures of a famous model and cam model named Kayden Kenzie. Kayden is a cam model on a website called myfreecams and has a pretty epic Twitter that she posts tons of pics of herself on. From this she has captured the hearts (lol!) of millions of men who post her pictures frequently on those manly man forums where guys talk about hot girls. If you google “Kayden Kenzie”, you’ll see that she’s everywhere. I doubt Kayden Kenzie would ever have a Teenspot because… she’s not a teen for one. Also her name isn’t Amber… It’s Kayden. o.O

Here are more pics of Kayden Kenzie that I got straight off of Google. Which I’m sure is where amberrr_xet got hers too =)

Here is Kayden’s real Twitter where she posts all her pictures


Here are some of the sites she’s been recognized on





So amberrr_xet you are fake. Take those darn pics down and use your own, girly!




She’s using pictures of a Latvian student/photographer/model named Santa Andzela Ukavica. Andzela is not from the UK, she’s from Latvia and unlike this Angeella on Teenspot, her English is not that great. Not much to say about this girl since all of her profiles on the net are in Latvian and I can’t read it lol. I collected enough though. Enough to know that Angeella is fake.

Thanks to the Teenspotter (who I shall not name) who tipped me off on this girl and asked me to look into it 😉 Ya dun good!

Here are Santa Andzela Ukavica’s real profiles on the net that I found:


If you scroll down to the “Family” part of her friends on Facebook you will see that Andzela has her brother and sister added there. She also has her brother added on Twitter. This is how I know I found the real one.

I also found a profile on some Latvian site of a photographer who she’s modeled for before.



I’ve just been busy with family for the holidays. It’s been hard finding a time to bust these fakes with school, work, the holidays, and recovering from the food coma that Christmas dinner brought me. I predict that I will be back into the swing of things tomorrow.

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If you know that you have been wrongly accused of using fake pictures, contact me with a proof video or pic and I will remove the post from my blog and replace it with an apology to you. Simple as that =)