Posted on: March 6, 2012


Damnnn I haven’t posted in like… a week. Well this post is one that I’m really proud of. First off, this girl is one that I was emailed about and I didn’t think I’d be able to find out who the real owner of the pic is but I did. Pics like the one Cuteswagx3 has up are ones that you can find all over those man forums where guys post pics of girls they think are hot so this pic was on a ton of sites like those. I was able to find out who the girl is though which I’m surprised about. So the girl in Cuteswagx3’s Teenspot album is Nichole Alleaume and she is not 18, she’s 22. She graduated high school in 2007 and she went to Liberty High School in California. She did not go to Beverly Hills High School like Cuteswagx3 claims.

This girl Cuteswagx3 really tried to make herself seem so cute lol. Using a pic of a blonde with her tits all in the camera, claiming her b-day is on Valentines Day and saying she goes to a school like Beverly Hills High School lol. She just screams pretentious. Nichole Alleaume had a lot of pics in her Myspace album and Facebook so the fact that Cuteswagx3 only has one in her TS album just lets me know that she’s fake.. She obviously found that pic on one of the many random sites that I was talking about and started using it. If she were the real Nichole she wouldn’t be telling people her name is Cassie, she wouldn’t be saying she’s 18 when she’s really 22, she wouldn’t be saying she went to a completely different school, and she would have more than one pic.

Here’s more of Nichole. If you see anyone else using these pics, please report them to Teenspot and send them my site for proof.

Nichole’s real pages:



She has her family on her Myspace and Facebook so I know they’re her real profiles.


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If you know that you have been wrongly accused of using fake pictures, contact me with a proof video or pic and I will remove the post from my blog and replace it with an apology to you. Simple as that =)


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