Posted on: April 1, 2012


This girl is using pictures of Jenn Horner aka Jenny Curbstomp. She’s a girl from New York who’s been getting faked for a long time… like.. years. I think Jenn started off as a “scene girl” and people started jacking her pics then. Now that a few years have gone by Jenn has abandoned the scene girl look for something much more tamed.

Here are some of Jenn’s photos in order from oldest to newest:

How do I know this girl is fake? Because she’s only 17 and the real Jennifer is about 20 years old. She graduated high school and is in college right now.

^^^ There’s Jenn in her cheer uniform with another girl from her squad. The girl’s jacket says “Moravia Devils Cheerleading” I googled it and found a few Facebooks of people who went to that school. A few of them had a “Jennifer Horner” as a friend which is how I found her real Facebook and also found out that she’s in college right now and has graduated from Moravia. So basically the girl on Teenspot is still in high school and the real Jenn Horner is not.

The real Jenn’s Pages:

http://www.myspace.com/176584022 (old and looks like she hasn’t used it in ages)


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If you know that you have been wrongly accused of using fake pictures, contact me with a proof video or pic and I will remove the post from my blog and replace it with an apology to you. Simple as that =)


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