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Cutiepie-forever is using pictures of a girl named Amanda Helen Tam. Amanda Tam is really popular on sites like bodybuilding.com, a site that’s notorious for its forums where guys post photos of hot girls and basically talk about them and rate them.

If you search “Amanda Tam” or “Amanda Helen Tam” on Google, her pics WILL come up. I don’t think she’s commonly faked but I do think that girls lurk on sites like bodybuilding.com to steal the pics of the girls the guys are posting about. I found the real Amanda because I found a photobucket that contained a shitload of her pics. I don’t know if it was her photobucket or not but anyways among the 600 pics that were there, was this one

After searching on Google (http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2006-05-24/sports/0605230435_1_stats-american-heritage-hollywood-christian) I found an Amanda Tam who went to the school on her shirt and played soccer… in 2006. This means that Amanda graduated yearsss ago and is probably about 23 now. Obviously she’s not 16 like cutiepie’s TS page if she was a high school senior in 2006. After searching on Facebook, I found hers. It’s private (smart girl) but her friends are not and I saw a lot of people who went to American Heritage High School with her on her friends list.

More of Amanda Tam:

The real Amanda Tam’s profiles:


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If you know that you have been wrongly accused of using fake pictures, contact me with a proof video or pic and I will remove the post from my blog and replace it with an apology to you. Simple as that =)


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