Oh yes. After years of being on the net and coming across countless fakes, I figured I’d make a little blog dedicated to exposing these idiots. Every day thousands of profiles on social networking and dating sites pop up with people using pictures that are not theirs. These are men using pictures of women to lure other men, adults using pictures of teens to lure teens, insecure girls and women using fake pictures to get attention, and the same with guys. I, for one, am tired of these people trying to mislead and trick others so this is me doing my little part.

Why do you care? Well I just posted above why. I am also very bored lately and figured this would be a decent way to pass the time =)

How will you do this? I will be using the Teenspot member search to find suspicious profiles and do my best to expose them for the frauds that they are. I will be submitting the profiles to Teenspot to get them shut down and by coming to this site, everyone will know that the person is fake.

I think I see a fake, can you do something? Yep, shoot me an email  with the person’s Teenspot page and letting me know why you think they are fake and I will look into it.

Leave my friend alone, they are not fake! Usually when people contact me like this, they really don’t have any proof that their friend is not fake, however I always seem to have proof that they are fake. Telling me to leave your friend alone is not going to make me do it.

Why don’t you just do this from Teenspot? Because Teenspot seems to always shut down profiles of people who try to expose fakes but hardly ever shut down profiles of people using fake photos. Apparently they care more about getting us shut down than the possibility that their users could be in danger of falling prey to someone like a, hmm I don’t know… pedophile posing as a 13 year old girl on their site. If I made a page like this on Teenspot, it would be taken down in a matter of days, weeks at the most.

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Okay i know you may think these are funny but just posting about these people being fake is making yo fake i your bored get of you damn computer and go fuck urself! You must be a whore or a manwhore… You appearantly have noooo fucking life if your gunna make fun of these people. Sooo you can keep doin this crap i am just putting my statement out… And in case ur wondering i dont have a ts i just saw ur blog on wordpress so i decided to tell you FUCK OFF BITCH!!!!!!!! 😡

Stop cryin bitch =)

Lmao yeah I’m sure you just “found” my blog. No I’m willing to bet you’re one of the girls or guys I’ve posted about. 3 words sweetheart, GET.OVER.IT. I am not doing anything wrong and I think most would agree that what I’m doing is actually RIGHT. The only possible reason I could think for someone to be mad about what I do is if they themselves are fake. So you know what that meansssss! =) You don’t like it? Blow away and never come back. You chose to read my blog and apparently it touched your life so much that you chose to get angry and comment on it. Face it, you were fake, you were exposed, and now you feel stupid don’t you? Not my problem. Blame your parents for raising you to be so pathetic.

off the top i will say i just found your blog on wordpress today… never heard of teenspot… but what i can tell is that you are doing thing because the people who use fake pictures are “pathetic” so if they are pathetic… what does it make somebody who dedicates so much time to exposing them, your whole blog is probably changing nothing… those that close their accounts probably just open a new one, and those you havent exposed you are just giving them more girls and more sources to fake in the future lol… the fact is it is up to an individual to figure if someone they talk to is fake… get a life lol

I thought your email looked familiar so I searched you on Facebook… eek lol.

It takes me about 2 minutes to find out if someone is fake and then a few extra minutes to post about it so as far as dedicating so much time? Yeah not really. Posting about one person takes about ten minutes and considering I don’t even update everyday… it’s not much of my time AT ALL. For someone who complains about other people wasting their time, you sure are doing the EXACT same thing on commenting on something you find so irrelevant. Move along. As far as me giving more sources, The people these people fake are most of the time all over the net. You Google their names and you get results as if they’re celebrities. Posting about the real people in the pics and the fakes is just increasing exposure so that people are more aware when they see these pics being used. Now they know what to look for and how to find out if this person is the real owner of the pics. Also, I am FAR from the only person who does this. There are tons people who call out fakes on EVERY social networking site online and lots of people have entire websites dedicated to it. This is a small blog on WordPress, big freaking deal. I do this because it’s entertaining for me. I can do this for a few minutes and then I go on about my day, why that seems to upset you is beyond me. Most of my feedback, with the exception of fakes and you two random people who commented here, has been EXTREMELY positive. When people find out the girl they’ve been dating and falling in love with online is fake, they thank me because they had no idea and wouldn’t have found out otherwise. So since they obviously don’t have an issue with it, you shouldn’t either. =)

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If you know that you have been wrongly accused of using fake pictures, contact me with a proof video or pic and I will remove the post from my blog and replace it with an apology to you. Simple as that =)


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